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Wakefield Transcripts in Day Order

About the Transcripts

Transcripts for the UK General Medical Council disciplinary hearing against Dr.Wakefield, Professor Walker-Smith and  Professor Murch in day order without editorial comment. Transcripts are also available grouped by witness type at Wakefield Transcripts Grouped at  A file with all transcripts zipped is here. For more information on the transcripts, including privacy concerns, see here.

Not Part of  The Transcripts
Full GMC Fact Finding Determination
Formal Sanctions Determination for Dr. Wakefield
Formal Sanctions Determination for Professor Walker-Smith
Formal Sanctions Determination for Professor Murch
Case for GMC
Day 1Reading of Charges and AmendmentsGMC's Lawyer. The GMC's lawyer while hired by the GMC is independent of the panel deciding the case. The GMC lawyer has the same role as a prosecutor in a criminal case. 
Day 2Opening Statement GMCGMC's Lawyer
Day 3Opening Statement GMC       
Day 4Opening Statement GMC
Day 5 Dr. HopkinsGP Child 10
Dr. ShanthaGP Child 3
Dr. BarrowGP Child 1
Day 6Dr. NGP Child 6
GP Child 7
Dr.LethamGP Child 5
Dr. TapsfieldGP Child 4
Day 7 Dr. Tapsfield
Dr. StuartGP Child 12
Day 8Dr. PeggChairman Ethics Committee,
Royal Free Hospital
Day 9 Dr. Pegg 
Day 10Panel Read Documents
Day 11Mrs. Joanne CowieLegal Aid Board Lawyer
Dr. ShillamGP Child 5
Day 12Dr. BerelowitzChild Psychiatrist, Royal Free Hospital
Day 13Dr. Berelowitz
Day 14Dr. Hodgson Wakefield Employment Contract
Dr, KirrageChild JS
Dr. CartmelGP Child 2
Day 15Professor  ZuckermanDean, Royal Free Hospital to 1999
Day 16Professor Zuckerman
Dr. Horton Editor of The Lancet
Day 17Dr. Horton  
Day 18Dr. Horton  
Professor HullPediatric Research Ethics Expert
Day 19Mr. ElseCEO, Royal Free Hosptital  
Dr. Jones GP Child JS  (statement)
Dr,  Andrew MillsConsultant Child JS
Day 20Dr. Andrew Mills 
Day 21Dr. Lloyd-EvansChild Neurologist, Royal Free Hosptital
Mr. Phipps Assistant Finance Officer, Royal Free Hospital
Day 22Professor RevellChairman Histopathology, Royal Free Hospital
Professor CandyPeer reviewed 1998 papers. Believed that
either both papers or neither paper be published.
Day 23 Dr. Spratt (statement)GP Child 12
Day 24Dr. CassonGastroenteroligist, Royal Free Hospital
Main Patient Contact.  Wrote discharge summaries.
Day 25Dr. Casson 
Day 26Dr. Casson 
Dr. SalisburyUK vaccination Expert. Testified on the history of measles vaccine, MMR and Wakefield.  No cross-examination
Day 27Dr. Salisbury 
Dr, Spratt's documentsDocuments on Child 9 
Day 28Mrs. 12 The mother of Child 12. The only parent who testified even though parents (see  Day 199/33 and Day 199/28) stated they wanted to testify.
Day 29Dr. JelleyGP child 8
Day 30Deborah Davies (statement)Personal Assistant to CEO for Royal Free Hospital
Sarah AlwynCustomer Service Manager, UK Legal Aid
Day 31Cenzig TarhanFi\nance Officer, Royal Free Hospital
Day 32Dr. DaviesHistopathologist, Royal Free Hosptital
Day 33Dr. Davies 
Day 34Medical Research CouncilTranscript of meeting read in part.  Video played.
Day 35Professor RutterChild Development Expert
Day 36Professor Rutter 
Day 37Professor Rutter 
Day 38Professor Rutter 
Day 39Professor Rutter 
Day 40Professor BoothPediatric Gastroenterology Expert
Day 41Professor Booth 
Day 42Professor Booth 
Day 43Professor Booth 
Dr. Stauart (additional paragraph to statement)GP Child 12
Dr. Davies (addition to statement)Histopathologist Royal Free Hosptital
Frances Wharton (statement)Secretary to Dr. Surtees re Child 2
Day 44Professor Booth 
Day 45Professor Booth 
Day 46Professor Booth 
Day 47Professor Booth 
Professor LachmannImmunology Expert
Case for Dr. Wakefield
Day 48 Dr. Wakefield Examined by Wakefield's Lawyer
Day 49Dr. Wakefield 
Day 50Dr. Wakefield 
Day 51Dr. Wakefield 
Day 52Dr. Wakefield 
Day 53Dr. Wakefield 
Day 54Dr. Wakefield 
Day 55Dr. Wakefield 
Day 56Panel Read Documents
Day 57Dr. Wakefield Cross-Examined by Walker-Smith's Lawyer
Day 58Dr. Wakefield Cross-Examined  by Murch's Lawyer 
Day 59Dr. Wakefield Cross-Examined  by Murch's Lawyer
Cross-Examined  by  GMC's Lawyer
Day 60Dr. Wakefield 
Day 61Dr. Wakefield 
Day 62Dr. Wakefield 
Day 63Dr. Wakefield 
Day 64Dr. Wakefield 
Day 65Dr. Wakefield 
Day 66Dr. Wakefield 
Day 67Dr. Wakefield 
Day 68Dr. Wakefield Re-examined by Wakefield's lawyer
Day 69Dr. Wakefield Further Cross-Examination by GMC's Lawyer
Further Re-Examination by Wakefield's Lawyer
Questioned by the Panel
Further Cross-Examination by GMC's Lawyer
Further Re-Examination by Wakefield's Lawyer
Day 70Legal issue on forcing
Mr. Barr to testify.
Mr. Barr was the lawyer suing MMR vaccine makers
 for causing autism.  All 11 UK children in the 1998 paper were clients.
Day 71
Day 72Decision not to force Mr. Barr to testify.
Case for Professor Walker-Smith
Day 73Professor Walker-Smith Examined by Walker-Smith's Lawyer
Day 74Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 75Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 76Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 77Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 78Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 79Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 80Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 81Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 82Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 83Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 84Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 85Professor Walker-Smith Cross-examined by Wakefield's Lawyer
Cross-examined by Murch's Lawyer
Cross-examined by  GMC's Lawyer
Day 86Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 87Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 88Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 89Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 90Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 91Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 92Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 93Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 94Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 95Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 96Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 97Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 98Professor Walker-Smith Re-examined by Walker-Smith's Lawyer
Day 99Professor Walker-Smith 
Day 100Professor Walker-Smith concludedQuestioned by the Panel
Further Re-examined by Walker-Smith's Lawyer
Day 101Martin Walker Legal Assessor discussed claimed conflict of interestby Martin Walker
Dr. Williams Expert Witness Gastronenterologist  

Dr. Miller Expert Witness Gastroenterologist 
Day 102Dr. Miller 
Day 103Dr. Miller 
Day 104Dr. Miller 
Day 105Dr. Miller Cross-examined by GMC's lawyer
Day 106Dr. Miller 
Day 107Dr. ThomasExpert Witness Child Neurologist
Day 108Dr. Thomas 
Day 109Dr. Miller Cross-examined by GMC's lawyer 
Case for Professor Murch
Day 110Professor MurchExamined by Professor Murch's Lawyer
Day 111Statement of Dr. Horton
Professor Murch 
Day 112Professor Murch 
Day 113Professor Murch 
Day 114Professor Murch 
Day 115Professor Murch Cross-examined by GMC's lawyer
Day 116Professor Murch 
Day 117Professor Murch 
Day 118Professor Murch 
Day 119Professor Murch Re-examined by Murch's Lawyer
Day 120Professor Murch Questioned by the Panel
Further Cross-examined by GMC's Lawyer
Re-examined by Murch's Lawyer
Day 121Discussion on Adjournment
Closing Submissions
Day 122Closing SubmissionsGMC's Lawyer
Day 123Closing Submissions
Day 124Closing Submissions
Day 125Closing Submissions
Day 126Closing Submissions
Day 127Closing Submissions
Day 128Closing Submissions
Day 129Closing Submissions
Day 130Closing SubmissionsWakefield's Lawyer
Day 131Closing Submissions
Day 132Closing Submissions
Day 133Closing Submissions
Day 134Closing Submissions
Day 135Closing Submissions
Day 136Closing Submissions
Day 137Closing SubmissionsWalker-Smith's Lawyer
Day 138Closing Submissions
Day 139Closing Submissions
Day 140Closing Submissions
Day 141Closing Submissions
Day 142Closing Submissions
Day 143Closing Submissions
Day 144Closing Submissions
Day 145Closing Submissions
Day 146  Closing SubmissionsMurch's Lawyer
Day 147Closing Submissions
Day 148Amendments to Charges
Day 149Advice from Legal AssessorLegal Assessor  Mr. Nigel Seed QC
Days 150
to 196
Panel Deliberations (in
Camera) on Fact Finding 
Day 197 Fact Finding  DeterminationsThe chairman read a shorter version of the panel's fact finding determinations. The full version is here.
Sanctions Hearing  
Day  198Submissions On Behalf of GMCGMC's Lawyer
No Submissions On Behalf of Dr. WakefieldWakefield's Lawyer (no submissions)
Day 199Submissions On Behalf
of Professor Walker-Smith
Testimonial Evidence
Sir Christopher Booth
Robertr Heuschkel
Allan Walker
Sir Nicholas Wright
Day 200Submissions On Behalf
of Professor Murch
Testimonial Evidence
Edward Piele
Michael Green
Alison Rodger
Concluding Submissions
Legal AdviceLegal Assessor  Mr. Nigel Seed QC
Days 201
to 216
Panel Deliberations (in
Camera) on Sanctions 
Day 217Sanction DecisionsPanel Sanction Decisions  The GMC published  the same sanctions determinations for each doctor separately.
Dr. Wakefield
Professor Walker-Smith
Professor Murch

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 a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5 Canada License.


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